2017 Winter Evening Basket Weaving - A Three Class Natural Basketry Series in NY's Hudson Valley

Come and get cozy with a cup of tea and some plant materials as you learn to make baskets in this three class evening series. This is for all you aspiring basket makers who can’t make it to a weekend workshop and are inspired to learn! We will cover three types of basketry: woven bark splints, coiled grasses and pine needles, and folded white pine pouches. You’ll leave with finished projects and a whole new perspective on the plants in your local landscape.

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Community of Baskets

2017 Workshop Schedule

Learn to weave a basket, create colorful dyes with plants, get to know your natural landscape and connect to your creative self. Beginners and experienced creatives alike are welcome at any of my  workshops.

Schedule a Workshop

Excited to take a workshop, but can’t make it to any of my 2017 classes? You can schedule a workshop at your own venue or a private workshop at your home on your own schedule. Check out the page for a list of great workshop topics.

Basketry and Plant Dye Tutorials

Tutorials, tips, and inspiration for finding, processing, and using all sorts of natural materials on my blog. You’ll also find info about basket weaving, plant dye recipes, and an in depth look at my process as a basketry artist.

About Katie Grove

Going out into the forests and fields, harvesting materials from nature, and sitting down in the sun to weave a basket is  my idea of a perfect day! I am an artist and educator based in the Hudson Valley of New York and my passion is to create art    that is inspired by nature. I also teach nature-based art workshops on basketry and plant dyes, where I create an environment in which individuals can explore self-expression while learning how to identify, use, and appreciate locally available natural materials.


09 Oct 17
Twined Basswood Bags On The Best Porch In Town

Twined Basswood Bags on the Best Porch in Town

October 2017 Wild Basketry Mentorship Once again we've done it. To the tune of warm breezes and blue skies of just after rain a wonderful group of women spent the day making baskets using plant materials that we harvested and processed together. This month's project has been in the making since day one way back in May when participants arrived to find a basswood tree propped up on sawhorses and a drawknife resting next to it. Little did they know they would be removing the outer bark to expose the inner bark which would be soaked until it smelled nasty, rinsed 6 weeks later, and then made into cordage by hand over the next few months. Was it somewhat tedious and stinky? Definitely. Was it worth it? YES! This past Sunday each person used the cordage…

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Twined Basswood Bags On The Best Porch In Town

Twined Basswood Bags on the Best Porch in Town

October 2017 Wild Basketry Mentorship Once again we've done it. To the tune of warm breezes and blue skies of…

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Paradise And Making Baskets – September 2017

Paradise and Making Baskets – September 2017

Creating A Beautiful World Together Once again I found myself looking around during a basket making workshop and feeling like…

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Baskets In A Barn: A Crafts Retreat On A Beautiful July Weekend

Baskets in a Barn: A Crafts Retreat on a Beautiful July Weekend

This past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching my first ever basket weaving retreat. This year has been full…

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Adventures In Harvesting Vines With The 2017 Mentorship

Adventures in Harvesting Vines with the 2017 Mentorship

Learning to Weave with Vines Each month I am so grateful to get to meet with an amazing group of…

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Woven Spaces: Katie Grove Solo Show At Wired Gallery

Woven Spaces: Katie Grove Solo Show at Wired Gallery

KATIE GROVE: WOVEN SPACES A Solo Show at Wired Gallery  August 5 – 27, 2017 Opening Reception:  Saturday, August 5, 2017,…

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How To Weave A Bark Basket At The 2017 Mentorship Series

How to Weave a Bark Basket at the 2017 Mentorship Series

This year I have had the opportunity to launch a class that has been a dream of mine for sometime:…

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Harvesting Cattails For Basketry: The Basics And Beyond

Harvesting Cattails For Basketry: The Basics and Beyond

How to get started with harvesting cattails for basketry? I've been getting lots of questions on the subject of harvesting…

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Digging Into Roots: How To Harvest Spruce Roots For Basketry

Digging Into Roots: How to Harvest Spruce Roots for Basketry

Throughout the past seven years I have been on a journey exploring the world of using plants to create baskets.…

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Teaching The Art Of Natural Basketry At Arrowmont School Of Arts And Craft

Teaching the Art of Natural Basketry at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft

The long weekend workshop I had the opportunity to teach at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts the first week of…

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Fine Art Portfolio

In addition to teaching workshops on basketry and plant dyes I have a strong background in fine arts. Many of my paintings, drawings, and mixed media sculptures incorporate natural materials are all inspired by a deep love of nature.  I regularly show my art in venues throughout the Northeast and participate in artist residency programs. Here is a sample of what I do and for more please visit my fine art website here

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