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sculptural twining

Sculptural Twining Weekend Basketry Workshop in New York's Hudson Valley

Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th

In this workshop participants will use twining, one of the most classic and versatile basketry techniques, to create unique sculptural vessels. Students will have the opportunity to either work on one larger basket or several small ones. Great for both beginners and experienced basket makers alike as well as artists and creative individuals who love using natural materials and want to expand their skill set. This weekend workshop is perfect for those who are traveling further to attend and want to get a great taste of the world of basketry in a weekend!

Details, dates, info about the weekend are below.

2018 Workshop Calendar

Learn to weave a basket, create colorful dyes with plants, get to know your natural landscape and connect to your creative self. Beginners and experienced creatives alike are welcome at any of my  workshops.

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Schedule a Workshop

Excited to take a workshop, but can’t make it to any of the classes on my calendar? You can schedule a workshop at your own venue or a private workshop at your home on your own schedule.

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Basketry and Plant Dye Tutorials

Tutorials, tips, and inspiration for finding, processing, and using all sorts of natural materials on my blog. You’ll also find info about basket weaving, plant dye recipes, and an in depth look at my process as a basketry artist.

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About Katie Grove


Going out into the forests and fields, harvesting materials from nature, and sitting down in the sun to weave a basket is  my idea of a perfect day! I am an artist and educator based in the Hudson Valley of New York and my passion is to create art  that is inspired by nature. I also teach nature-based art workshops on basketry and plant dyes, where I create an environment in which individuals can explore self-expression while learning how to identify, use, and appreciate locally available natural materials. When I’m not teaching I am either working on my fine art, participating in gallery shows and residencies, or traveling.


artist and basket maker katie grove

A Basket Weaving Road Trip

Southwestern Basketry Road Trip: Weaving in Arizona and New Mexico For the past few years my partner and I have…

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Fine Art Portfolio

In addition to teaching workshops on basketry and plant dyes I have a strong background in fine arts. Many of my paintings, drawings, and mixed media sculptures incorporate natural materials are all inspired by a deep love of nature.  I regularly show my art in venues throughout the Northeast and participate in artist residency programs. Here is a sample of what I do and for more please visit my fine art website here

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