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2022 Workshop Updates

Hello Everyone! Registration is now open for several of my summer single day and weekend workshops! I’ll also be adding more on a rolling basis, including some during the weekdays and evening classes. Hope to see you this summer and feel free to reach out with any questions to
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The Basketmaker's Month Webinar Series: April


Tuesday April 26th from 6:00- 7:30 pm EST

Some of the most common questions I get asked as a basketry teacher revolve around which basketry plants are season at any given time. What are the best ways to identify these plants? How are they harvested, processed, and stored? If you do have a basketry plant growing near you how can you tell if it is good quality for weaving? How can we harvest in a way that is respectful of the land? I will be discussing all the ins and outs of which plants are in season for harvest in the northeast/east coast region right now in Spring! The focus for the April/May talk will be on harvesting inner bark from deciduous trees for weaving. In my neck of the woods in upstate New York this includes tulip tree, black walnut, hickory, and more! The material covered will be very applicable to bark harvesting in other parts of the country as well though. 

2022 Workshop Calendar

Weekend, single day, and long series basketry workshops in upstate New York.

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Basketry and Plant Dye Tutorials

Learn all about wild harvesting plant materials at home to make baskets, plant dyes, and more. 

Pine Needle Basket WorkshopHarvesting Red Willow In Taos

2022 Wild Basketry - 9 Class Natural Basketry Program with Katie Grove


Sunday’s class is full, but Thursday has a spot available. Email me at to reserve it. 

Are you inspired to develop a deep connection to the art of basketry and the abundant plant materials in our natural landscape? Do you want to learn how to go out into the forests and fields, identify and gather materials, and weave baskets? Join this 9 month program to connect to your creative self and the natural world while learning the ancient skill of basketry. 


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About Katie Grove

Going out into the forests and fields, harvesting materials from nature, and sitting down in the sun to weave a basket is  my idea of a perfect day! I am an artist and educator based in the Hudson Valley of New York and my passion is to create art  that is inspired by nature. I also teach nature-based art workshops on basketry and plant dyes, where I create an environment in which individuals can explore self-expression while learning how to identify, use, and appreciate locally available natural materials. When I’m not teaching I am either working on my fine art, participating in gallery shows and residencies, or traveling.


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Wild Basketry: a 9 month journey of harvesting and making with the plants all around us

Wild Basketry: a 9 month journey of harvesting and making with the plants all around us

2018 was my second year of teaching Wild Basketry: a 9 month basketry series. It was a great success once…

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A Basket Weaving Road Trip

A Basket Weaving Road Trip

Southwestern Basketry Road Trip: Weaving in Arizona and New Mexico For the past few years my partner and I have…

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Fine Art Basketry and Nature Inspired Art

In addition to teaching workshops on basketry and plant dyes I have a strong background in fine arts. Many of my paintings, drawings, and mixed media sculptures incorporate natural materials are all inspired by a deep love of nature.  I regularly show my art in venues throughout the Northeast and participate in artist residency programs. Here is a sample of what I do and for more please visit my fine art website here

I also have several ongoing series of work that is very directly inspired by the plants and materials of basketry. In this work I take the traditional and non-traditional basketry materials and simply explore, follow my instincts, and develop pieces that inspire viewers to appreciate the natural world around them. 


Have any questions? Want to schedule a workshop? Or just talk basketry? Email me at

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