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The Basketmaker's Month: December

A Online Class on How to Harvest and Process Plants For Basketry

Harvesting Red Willow In Taos
Harvesting Red Willow In Taos
Harvesting Milkweed Fiber
Demonstrating The Processing Of Dogbane Stalks
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 DSC0101 Copy
Harvesting Cattail
Processing Dogbane Fiber In The Field
Gathering Grapevine For Basket Weaving Tree 03
Our Reading The Landscape Walk
IMG 4509
IMG 2763
Harvesting Red Willow In TaosMilkweed MagicProcessing Dogbane Fiber04207 291A1724 DSC0101 CopyHarvesting CattailProcessing Dogbane FiberGathering Grapevine For Basket Weaving Tree 03Our Reading The Landscape WalkIMG 4509IMG 2763

The Basketmaker’s Month: DECEMBER!

Some of the most common questions I get asked as a basketry teacher revolve around which basketry plants are season at any given time. What are the best ways to identify these plants? How are they harvested, processed, and stored? If you do have a basketry plant growing near you how can you tell if it is good quality for weaving? How can we harvest in a way that is respectful of the land? I will be discussing all the ins and outs of which plants are in season for harvest in the northeast/east coast region right now in Fall 2021! The focus for the December talk will be my experiences both wild harvesting and growing willow for basketry, dogbane fiber, and probably some more good stuff I have not planned yet! 

The format of this webinar/online class will be about 1 hour of me talking about autumn basketry plants followed by up to 30 minutes of Q and A.  No matter what I know it will be an incredibly educational and helpful experience for those of you who are out there eager to open your hearts and get your hands dirty with harvesting! Hopefully this is a wonderful success and I’ll do them every other month or so throughout the year.

Please note that this is not a “how to make a basket” class. I will definitely be talking about the types of baskets and techniques that each plant is good for, but won’t be getting into details of making each type of basket. Hopefully someday I will have some online classes!!

Also feedback is appreciated! I picked a day and time that I liked, but I don’t know yet what works for the majority of my students. What times of day work for you? Which days of the week? Are you a teacher that has done things like this before and has advice? I am very happy to get feedback as I move forward with this new endeavor 🙂



Tuesday December 7th 6:00 – 7:30 PM EST


This will be a Zoom webinar – having zoom on your device/computer will be required to join in.


$15.00 will include participation in the webinar and also access to the recording for 3 weeks after the class. If payment is not possible for you right now please email me- I have a number of scholarship spots available. I also have unlimited BIPOC scholarships available.


To sign up for this webinar please fill out the following form and I will email you the zoom link and my venmo/paypal/address and payment information. You can also email me at

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