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Wild Basketry Mentorship 2017 – A Workshop Series On Basket Weaving In Nature

Wild Basketry Mentorship 2017 – A Workshop Series on Basket Weaving in Nature

Wild Basketry Mentorship 2017

It’s Here!

Are you inspired to develop a deep connection to the art of basketry and the abundant plant materials in our natural landscape? Do you want to learn how to go out into the forests and fields, identify and gather materials, and weave baskets? In 2017 I will be launching a yearly Wild Basketry mentorship program and am looking for inspired individuals to participate and help shape the course for years to come.

Creating this program has been a dream of mine for some time. It is clear to me at this point in my life that introducing people to the plants of my region and guiding them in making beautiful baskets with those plants is my soul’s work. I love teaching day long workshops and am always impressed with the enthusiasm with which my students want to learn more about the plants and the process. I often leave those workshops with a longing to go deeper into the art of basketry with those students — to go out together and harvest plants, process materials, and really dedicate time to the process. That is the seed from which this program grew. Just like learning to weave it is a process, and in this first year I am looking forward to sculpting a program alongside a select group of students that will reoccur for years to come. Check out the flyer below or Click here for more information!

2017 Mentorship Series Flyer


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  1. Greetings Katie,

    I was recently pruning a couple of plum trees with new friends Lala and Jared and they told me of your weaving. I just moved to the Hudson Valley in Gardiner where I am farming with a couple of friends of mine. I am a basket weaver as well, mostly willows, learned from my teacher out in Oregon. Since then I have gathered weaving materials in the ecosystems I inhabit – which has been mostly out in the pacific northwest and in the midwest. I am looking to gather some willows in the area or find someone who can lead me in a direction towards some materials to work with. I am looking to weave a basket for my sister’s baby who is coming very soon – so mostly willows for this project.

    I would love to chat and share weaving stories and inspirations- I am also an educator and natural dye lover – weaving the worlds of craft, farming, and community to re-member a culture that lies dormant in all of our souls.

    Looking forward to connecting.

    Black walnuts and coreopsis,


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