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Paradise And Making Baskets – September 2017

Paradise and Making Baskets – September 2017

Creating A Beautiful World Together

Once again I found myself looking around during a basket making workshop and feeling like I was in paradise! Beautiful sunny september weather, natural materials strewn about, and ten inspired and special women making baskets together. The addition of one participant’s 4 week old baby girl brought this vision together in a way I hadn’t expected. I’m planning to expand my 8 month basketry mentorship program into a 9 month program in 2018 and ideas of carrying a child for 9 months, and women spending 9 months growing and learning together are swirling around in my head. What are we creating when we gather together to learn and make baskets with nature? What are we bringing into the world? Below are some pictures that begin to tell the story.

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    1. Thanks Rigmor!!! I can’t imagine a class without you there : ) Thank you for providing the best land I could imagine for this workshop!

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