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Wild Woven Ribbed Basket Weekend Workshop

March 2020 in the Hudson Valley, New York State

Wild Woven Ribbed Basket
Ribbed Basket
Woven Willow And Vine Tray
IMG 0788
2261 291A5464 Stefan.lisowski
Basswood Fiber On The Shore Of The River
Photo Oct 08, 4 32 38 PM
DSC 3828 Min
Harvesting Grapevine
IMG 0799
IMG 0796
IMG 0784
IMG 0783
Photo Sep 27, 5 49 03 PM
Gathering Grapevine For Basket Weaving Tree 03
Wild Woven Ribbed BasketWoven Willow And Vine TrayIMG 07882261 291A5464 Stefan.lisowskiBasswood FiberPhoto Oct 08, 4 32 38 PMDSC 3828 MinIMG 0811IMG 0799IMG 0796IMG 0784IMG 0783Photo Sep 27, 5 49 03 PMGathering Grapevine For Basket Weaving Tree 03 DSC0457 DSC0441

A weekend of wild basketry using all locally harvested plant materials

Saturday and Sunday March 21st and 22nd

Enjoy the bounty of nature by using a bounty of wild harvested plants create a ribbed basket. Each participant will choose the depth of their basket and pattern of materials to make a unique piece of functional art. You can make a tray basket to use as a table centerpiece or add a handle and god’s eye lashing to to use it for gathering vegetables– the design is up to you! The basics of ribbed basket construction will be covered as well as processing and preparing materials. The plants used depend on what is available for me to harvest for the workshop, but include grapevines, red osier dogwood, bittersweet, willow, prepared elm inner bark, cattail, and more! We will also discuss identification and how to harvest the different plant materials used in class, and weather depending we will include some harvesting in the class. You will leave with a basket, handouts on everything covered during the workshop, and a new appreciation for the beautiful and abundant plants in our landscape. Come join us for a lovely day of weaving, learning, and laughter this autumn!

Great for both beginners and experienced basket makers alike as well as artists and creative individuals who love using natural materials and want to expand their skill set.

This weekend intensive is perfect for those who are traveling further to attend and want to get a great taste of the world of basketry in a weekend.

Details, dates, info and registration are all below. Email me if you have any questions : ) Thanks and I can’t wait to make baskets together!



Old Kings Highway, Stone Ridge NY 12484 


Saturday March 21st, 10:00 – 5:00

Sunday March 22nd, 10:00 – 5:00

With an hour break for lunch. A light lunch will be provided. Please bring any snacks or additional food you might want. There is also a food co-op just down the road.


$365 for the weekend


  • All locally harvested and hand prepared plant materials to make your ribbed basket
  • Light lunch including a soup, snacks, etc. 
  • Handouts on all the techniques covered


If you are traveling to the workshop there are many lovely places to spend the night locally. Here are a few links to the ones I am somewhat familiar with and a google search will find you more. Nearby Kingston and New Paltz also have motels and hotels.


Here is a link to air bnbs in the area 

Bed and Breakfasts:

The 1850s House

The Arbor BNB


Creekview Campsites

What does a day of basketry look like?

To see some examples of baskets and student experiences from single day workshops check out the blog posts below or visit my current/past workshops page. There is such an amazing array of students that take my classes and I’m always impressed with the creativity and individuality that comes out when a person sits down and allows themselves the time to make something beautiful with their hands. 

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