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2020 Basketry Internship

with Katie Grove in the Hudson Valley of New York

photo by Stefan Lisowski

Last year it became abundantly clear that I am ready to find a basketry intern to help with all the various things that go into teaching workshops. It is an unpaid position and I am flexible in working with your schedule and figuring out what will work best for both of us. In exchange for 2 – 4 days per month of help in the studio you will get hands-on experience working with materials, guidance on working on your own baskets, and accompanying me to some workshops where you will, for the most part, be able to participate alongside the other students. Being as this is only 2-4 days per month of help in the studio plus assisting at workshops, it may be best for someone local to the Hudson Valley. There also is the possibility of more than 4 days a month if you are inspired.


  • Help from mid-March to mid-December 2020 (you can apply for a portion of this time.)
  • 2 – 4 days per month of help in the studio possibly more if you are interested. (Approximately 5 – 6 hours a day)
  • Helping me at some workshops 

My basket season runs from March to December, with the busiest times being April-May, and October-November. I don’t necessarily need someone to commit to the entire year- if you want to apply for a smaller portion (March-August, for example) you can do that. There will be a chunk of time in August/Sept and in June that I’ll be out of town as well.

The location is primarily my studio in Stone Ridge, NY and harvesting/workshop locations in surrounding areas.


Help with harvesting plants, prepping materials, organizing the studio, etc. 

  • Being physically fit and generally injury free is important
  • Harvesting includes walking around in the woods, wet areas, etc, and can be physical, but not extremely strenuous. **
  • Carrying heavy-ish things, for example, logs and branches, pots of water. 
  • Using a knife and other tools to prep things
  • Repetitive (aka meditative!) tasks like splitting and peeling bark 
  • Bundling materials and organizing
  • Sweeping/cleaning the studio
  • Preparing materials for classes

          Bonus things that are not expected but that would be great!

  • Working with basic power tools (drills, saws, etc) 
  • Ability to edit and check my writing
  • Social media and website help

**Ticks are a very real risk in the Hudson Valley and while I do avoid heavily ticky areas, it is inevitable that we will encounter the risk of ticks during harvesting at some point. I am committed to thorough tick checks after harvesting, but if exposure to ticks is a dealbreaker for you please let me know. 

Help setting up before, and cleaning up after workshops

  •  Arrive 1 hour early (9:00am for a 10:00am workshop start)**
  •  Stay 1 hour late to clean up
  •  Includes loading and unloading car, setting stuff up, filling up pots with   water, cleaning up afterwards.

Some of my workshops will be in my studio in Stone Ridge and around the Hudson Valley. Others are up to 2.5 hours away. If you want to help with the workshops that are a further drive then having someone who would be willing to do part of the driving would be amazing!

During busy months I may teach classes every weekend. Other times it is less frequent. There are some where I am not able to have an assistant due to space (the 9 month Wild Basketry program included), others where I really could use the help and many where it doesn’t matter either way. We can work together to discuss which you want to help at and which you don’t. 

During the workshop I will ask for help here and there, but for the most part you will be able to participate in the workshop.

**This is one area where being on time is really important to me since I aim to have the bulk of prep done by a half hour before workshop time.



Email me the following all in one document as an attachment or in the body of the email at with the subject line “2020 Basketry Internship”. 

  • Short paragraph about you, your background, any previous experience that is similar, etc. 
  • A paragraph on why you want to do a basketry internship
  • What your availability is and anything else you want me to know. 
  • Resume, CV, references or images of your work if you have a background in art are all optional

I’ll be in touch once I receive it and we can arrange a phone interview. I’ll be accepting applications until March.

I am passionate about sharing the art of creating baskets with the plants that grow all around us and I’m hoping that this internship will be another way to do this. Please reach out if you are interested with any questions : )

What does it look like to make a basket?

To see some examples of baskets and student experiences from single day workshops check out the blog posts below or visit my current/past workshops page. There is such an amazing array of students that take my classes and I’m always impressed with the creativity and individuality that comes out when a person sits down and allows themselves the time to make something beautiful with their hands. 

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