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Plant Dye Recipe And Tutorial: How To Make A Jewelweed Dye

Plant Dye Recipe and Tutorial: How to Make a Jewelweed Dye

How to make a plant dye with jewelweed in an easy to follow natural dye tutorial.

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Bark Harvesting And Processing Of Four Northeastern Trees

Bark Harvesting and Processing of Four Northeastern Trees

This summer was my first working with trees for basketry. I set out to try several different species and learn…

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Harvesting White Ash Inner Bark For Basketry

Harvesting White Ash Inner Bark for Basketry

Adventures in Bark Basketry After learning how to use bark in basketry during my internship in Asheville this winter my…

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Experiments With Nettle Dye, Take Two

Experiments with Nettle Dye, Take Two

Last year I posted a recipe for making dye with Stinging Nettles. to check out that post click here.  The dye bath from…

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Processing Basswood Bark For Making Cordage And Baskets

Processing Basswood Bark for Making Cordage and Baskets

Processing Basswood Bark for Making Cordage and Baskets Having a boyfriend who makes his living as a tree climber definitely…

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Celebrate Stinging Nettles: A Recipe For Nettle Dye!

Celebrate Stinging Nettles: A Recipe for Nettle Dye!

In honor of this year's first annual Nettle Fest, being held at Lifebridge Foundation in Rosendale, NY this upcoming Saturday…

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How To Plan A Natural Dye Garden

How to plan a natural dye garden

A FIRST TIME GARDENER The title says it all. I realized as I set out to plan and create a…

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5 Tips For Getting Started With Natural Dyes

5 Tips for Getting Started with Natural Dyes

At first glance, the world of dyeing with natural substances may seem overwhelming. With the immense scope of possibilities for…

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Tutorial- How To Make Your Own Beeswax

Tutorial- How to make your own beeswax

It is much easier than you think! The trick is to find the raw honeycomb that the process begins with.…

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